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¡Feel comfortable in your body and mind!


Discover the brand new method offering Nordic Barre classic and Nordic V-barre. Classes build because exercise should be fun, challenging and empowering!

Nordic v-barre 

Nordic v-barre is a brand new barre method combining the conditioning part of pole dance with barre workout. The pole is used as a vertical barre and elastic bands are used to increase muscle tension and thereby achieve more strength, flexibility and alignment in a new and game changing way.


Small movements.

Big results.

NordicBarre offers an effective total body workout focused on high intensity, low impact movements that lift and tone muscles to improve strength, mobility and flexibility for all levels, ages and bodies.

I've had a lot of problems over the years with my shoulder/ankle/hip, and almost every sport was giving me new injuries.


But since I started taking NordicBarre classes, my body is more stable and strong and even though the classes are heavy, it's never too much for my body.

- Wendy Assenberg van Eijsden -

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