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20 Minutes NordicBarre class 27

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20 min Barre workout with no equipment required. Barre workouts blend techniques from ballet and fitness to give you a full body workout. The classes are not only focused on creating a stronger and healthier body, but also on connecting with your mind, on accepting your body and giving yourself a break from a busy everyday life. The class is for all levels and can be done anywhere at any time. Disclaimer: The class is designed so that everyone can participate, but also so that everyone can be challenged. Therefore, some exercises may seem easier for your body and some may seem more difficult. Be sure to always listen to your body and its limits, try to push yourself, but never to a limit where you feel like you are hurting your body. La Barra Valencia assumes no responsibility for injuries or discomfort you get during the lessons. Always talk to your private practitioner before engaging in any new activity, and always stop what you are doing if you feel any discomfort.

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